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A Well & Water Inspection is a comprehensive check on the quality and the quantity of water produced by ground water wells. Private water wells could provide drinking water of the highest quality. Owning a private ground water resource allows owners to control their own water supply. A property with a private well comes with the important responsibility of keeping the water well in good working order. Having a basic understanding about ground water quality and quantity will help owners to ensure that their well is supplying sufficient, potable water for the purpose of their property. 

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Do you have a private water well? 

Always check for:

Water quantity

Water quality

Water purification system

Water Quantity

Always make sure that there is sufficient water.

During our Well & Water Inspection the well and pump depth are measured, and a pump flow test is performed: this is a measurement of the flow of water, noted in gallons per minute, indicating the quantity of the water supply from the well into the water infrastructure. A pump flow test is an important and essential measurement tool to assess whether the well provides sufficient water supply for the intended (residential or commercial) use. Moreover, an inspection of well equipment is performed to assure that it is sanitary and meets local code requirements (Reg. 903 Ministry of Environment). A thorough inspection of the well construction where the casing is checked from the inside is performed. Any detected abnormalities will be discussed with the client on the spot.

Water Quality

The Road to Clean & Clear Water

Water quality is affected by a combination of natural processes, including human activities. Most relate to chemical compositions underground. However, other factors such as biological, physical, and radiological conditions can affect water quality as well. During our Well & Water inspection several checks are performed to asses the quality of water: the main components of the water are checked, which involve the presence of minerals such as hardness, iron, sulphur, total dissolved solids, PH (alkalinity/acidity), tannin etc. To make sure the water does not contain harmful bacteria, a potability (bacteria) sample is collected and taken to a private lab for testing, and a lab certificate will be delivered that can be used to obtain a mortgage.

Detailed Reporting

Review, analyze, and get well informed.

Our Well & Water Inspection includes detailed reporting on the findings regarding the condition of the well, the water quantity, the water quality, and the condition of the water treatment system that is already in place. Clients are always encouraged to attend the inspection as it offers an excellent opportunity to talk to our licensed well technicians directly and ask any question that might arise on the spot. Moreover, the potability (bacteria) sample certificate will be in included where results and recommendations will be outlined. The report is completed with a point to point breakdown of our findings and observations during the inspection.When working with our clients we keep a clear and important aim in mind: providing an essential service that will add value to people’s properties, health, and life.


Unwanted Surprises & Expenses

The Importance of a Well & Water Inspection 
BEFORE purchasing a property.


It is well known that a potability (bacteria) sample is requested by financial institutions to obtain a mortgage. It is important to keep in mind that results could be altered if the well has been previously shocked (chlorinated) before the bacteria sample is taken. Shocking the well brings back a safe test result, indicating that the water is safe to drink temporarily. Yet it is important to keep in mind that bacteria grow back in only a few weeks (!), and that by shocking the well the initial bacteria problem has only been delayed rather than solved. Therefore, we advise to let our professional licensed well technicians give you all the information necessary to be well informed before purchasing a property.

Moreover, if there is already a water treatment system installed it is always advisable to have it checked by having its functionality tested;  this to avoid costly replacement or repairs after purchasing the property. Always be a step ahead.


We can never enough stress the importance of knowing about the quantity of water supply before purchasing a property. Along the years we have seen the same unfortunate scenario unfold where people would had initially chosen to not have a well & water inspection performed before purchasing a property on a private well; only to find out after taking position that their well runs dry within minutes after running the water! In many cases this leads to (costly) adjustments to be performed to the water treatment system and/or to well. Be always in the know about your well & water before purchasing a property, and contact us today to book a professional well & water inspection! 

Our aim is simple

Providing an essential service

that will add value to people’s properties, health, and life.

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