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What is a Well & Water Inspection?

Private water wells can provide drinking water of the highest quality. Owning a private water well comes with the important responsibility of keeping the water well in good working order.


A Well & Water Inspection is a comprehensive check on the well water quantity, the well water quality, and water treatment systems of ground water wells. Our Well & Water Inspections are performed by our licensed well technicians. 


It is important to know whether the well produces sufficient water supply to sustain the purpose of the property. Moreover, it is essential to have the well water tested for bacteria and assure that the quality of water meets the provincial health standards.

A Well & Water Inspection provides well owners thorough information about the well water quantity, water quality, and water treatment system, to ensure that the well is supplying sufficient, potable water for the purpose of their property. 

Our Promise

Our company is a Licensed Well Contractor with the Ministry of the Environment and therefore fully qualified to conduct measurements and services on private wells. 

Our Well & Water Inspections are only performed by licensed well technicians. Everyone can talk about water, selecting the right source of information is key.

Our Well & Water Inspections include pump flow tests, as per Ministry of the Environment's recommendations. We not only focus on inspecting the quality of the water, but also inspect the well itself to determine the well water quantity and state of the well, which is a crucial part of the inspection.

We provide unbiased recommendations on our findings. We always aim to provide our clients with the necessary information, findings and recommendations that will aid them in obtaining a clear and honest perspective on their well and water.

There is a lot to say about water...

We will tell you what you need to know. 

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Well & Water check:

Water quantity

Water quality

Water Treatment system


Water Quantity

Know whether there is enough water

During our Well & Water Inspection our licensed well technicians provide essential information about the quantity by performing a pump flow test, which is a measurement of the flow of water, noted in gallons per minute. A pump flow test is an important and essential measurement tool to assess whether the well provides sufficient water supply for the intended (residential or commercial) use of a property.

Water Quality

The Road to Clean & Clear Water

Multiple factors can affect the well water quality. During our Well & Water inspection our licensed well technicians perform several checks to asses the quality of water. The main components of the water are checked, which involve the presence of minerals such as hardness, iron, sulphur, total dissolved solids, PH (alkalinity/acidity), tannin and more. To make sure the water does not contain harmful bacteria, a potability (bacteria) sample is collected and taken to a certified private laboratory for testing a potability (bacteria) certificate will be delivered that can be used to obtain a mortgage.

Blue Water

Water Treatment System

essential check on functionality

A water treatment system is installed for several important reasons. Water filtration systems have the important task to remove impurities from water by means of a physical barrier, chemical, and/or biological process. Water sterilizer systems are installed to eliminate bacteria from the water and provide potable drinking water that is safe for drinking. Drinking water filtration systems can improve the quality of drinking water dramatically. Water conditioners (water softeners) remove hardness from the water. During our Well & Water Inspection water treatment systems are checked on functionality and efficiency. If there are improvements that need to be made to the water treatment system our licensed well technicians will provide detailed information and estimate the cost of repairs or replacement. 

Wet grass

Well Pump

to the bottom of the well

A well pump is part of the well equipment that gets installed after drilling or digging a well. The purpose of a well pump is to pump water from the well into a property. Typically, well pumps fall into one of two categories: jet pumps or submersible pumps. Jet well pumps are located above ground whereas submersible well pumps operate below the ground and use pressurized water to push water to the surface and into an above-ground storage tank. During the Well & Water Inspection our licensed well technicians determine the location of the well pump. The state of functionality of the pressure tank will also be inspected. Moreover, an inspection of water treatment equipment is performed to assure that it is sanitary and meets local code requirements. Finally, the well construction is checked to detect possible abnormalities.


Detailed Reporting

Review, analyze, and be well informed.

Our Well & Water Inspection includes detailed reporting on the findings that are obtained during the Well & Water Inspection. The inspection report is completed with a point to point breakdown of our findings and observations during the inspection including images for a clear reference. Attending a Well & Water Inspection is beneficial for well owners as it offers an excellent opportunity to meet our licensed well technicians and ask any question that might arise during the inspection. We always aim to provide our clients with the necessary findings and recommendations that will aid them in obtaining a clear and honest perspective on their well and water.


Unwanted Surprises
& Expenses

Get your information straight from the right source.

Well servicing is regulated by The Ministry of the Environment, Conservation & Parks. Rest assured that our Well & Water Inspections are performed by licensed well technicians. 

Get a well & Water inspection done before purchasing a property.

Getting to know the state of the well water quantity and well water quality is essential for the purpose of the property

Potability/bacteria sample testing is essential for obtaining a mortgage.

Financial institutions demand a potability (bacteria) certificate to provide a mortgage loan. Our licensed well technicians take water (bacteria) samples and deliver it to certified private laboratories for testing and potability (bacteria) certificates are provided electronically.

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