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At Canadian Water Inspection Services we simply aim to provide the best quality of service and products available in the water industry. In this journey, we are greatly committed to an excellent customer service. We are proud to be well known for our patience and understanding of our clients' water needs and we always aim to be thorough and prompt in answering any questions our clients may have.


It is an honour to witness that our clients noticed our dedication by leaving generous comments and reviews. Our team at Canadian Water Inspection Service would like to thank each and every one of our existing clients for recognizing the efforts we put in our products and services and we will always be excited to serve you again in the future.

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We had an issue with pressure loss and scheduled appt's with other specialists with no diagnostics/questions over the phone. After coming across the CWIS website and a 5 minute conversation with Moe, he pointed us where to look. A visit to the hardware store and 40 dollars later the issue is solved and cancelling the other specialists visits.
I wanted to thank Moe in some way, he said that he is glad it worked out as well as "Happy Holidays". His contact info has gone up beside my well pump :) And his name will go to anyone who asks if i have a contact or recommend.
Thanks again Moe and Happy Holidays

— Ja Ly, Manotick - Ontario 

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