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Iron & Sulphur Water Filters


Do you notice your water to have a bad smell? Does your water have a red color or black? Does your water leave spots and stains in the shower or bath tub? No need for worry - you may have encountered a water quality problem that is easily treatable. Our water specialists at Canadian Water Inspection Services can fix your water quality problem with the right our diagnoses and water treatment equipment. We resolve your water problems so you can start enjoying your water the right way! 

What is your water problem?

Our Promise

360° degrees of
Well & Water

As a Licensed Well Contractor with the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation & Parks, our company is fully qualified to conduct measurements and services on private wells. 

Well & Water Inspections are only performed by licensed well technicians. Everyone can talk about water, the source of the information is key.

Our well & water inspections include a pump flow test, as per Ministry of  the Environment's recommendations. Aside from performing tests on the water, we also inspect the well itself, which is a crucial part of the inspection.

Our water treatment systems are designed based on the specific needs of our clients. This tailored approach gives clients the flexibility to budget for new water treatment solutions along the way. 

We provide unbiased recommendations on our findings. There is a lot to say about water, however we will tell you what you need to know. 

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