Well Upgrades & Services


Canadian Water Inspection Services is a fully licensed well contractor company by the Ministry of Environment and proud to be thoroughly experienced in performing well services and upgrades that include the design and installation of well pumps & pressure tanks. When it comes to well pumps, we are highly qualified to provide installations of well pumps such as jet pumps and submersible pumps. We install vermin-proof well caps and perform well head extensions. It is highly recommended that well services and upgrades to be performed and serviced by licensed well technicians. At Canadian Water Inspection Services, we also provide emergency service: we perform emergency assessment and adequate professional water problem solving. Water is a life priority and our clients are always our priority no matter the circumstance or weather condition. Book a free consultation today!

Well Pump Installations

We offer a wide range of well services and upgrades. We install all kinds of well pumps such as, Submersible Pumps and Jet Pumps. We also provide pressure tank installations and also fix main well line leaks and frozen well lines. For all your residential (and cottage) and commercial water pump needs, our licensed technicians are there to help you out and solve all your water problems quickly and thoroughly. When a well pump suddenly stops working, there is a chance of water flooding and creating a backup mess. This could be easily prevented by having our skilled and licensed well technicians taking care of all of your routine maintenance. In the event that your well pump stopped working, we will come to your property or business, professionally assess the problem by investigating the type of water well your home or business has, and get to the cause of the water problem. Depending on our findings, we will then propose an adjustment or replacement of your water well pump, and make you rest assured that when we leave your property your water problem is professionally and efficiently taken care of.


Vermin-Proof Caps Installations


The most important features missing from most private wells are a sanitary well cap and a grout seal. These components are required as they help protect groundwater by sealing the well from potential surface contamination. Standard well caps (usually found on old or existing wells) have bolts around the side of the cap that loosely hold the cap onto the top of the casing. The small airspace between the well cap and the casing could allow for insects, small mammals, or surface water to enter the well. A “sanitary” well cap, sometimes referred to as a “vermin-proof” well cap, looks similar to a standard well cap but has bolts on the top. Most sanitary well caps include an airtight rubber gasket seal to prevent critters or surface water from entering the well and include a small, screened vent to allow for air exchange. Even if your well is currently free of bacteria, a sanitary well cap will help ensure that it does not become contaminated in the future by insects or other contaminants around the wellhead. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to have your old (standard) well caps replaced by vermin-proof well caps. Contact us should you be concerned about would well cap, or need a replacement. Our fully skilled and licensed well team will be there to make sure your well water in protected by the right well cap. 


Well Head Extensions 


Many private well owners have wellheads that are buried below the surface of the ground. At first glance this may be appealing to property owners that do not like looking at a well pipe sticking up in the middle of their yard. Yet, wells that are buried below the ground can have numerous disadvantages to wells that are extended above the ground. The most obvious disadvantage is that the well is not easily accessible in the event that it needs to be serviced. Property owners are often unaware of the exact location of the well underground, which can lead to added expense if the well needs to be located. Another disadvantage to wells that are buried below the ground is that they are also more susceptible to bacterial contamination. Wells that are buried are more likely to have the presence of coliform bacteria than wells that are extended above the ground. If you have a well that is buried below ground it is advisable to contact us for a consultation. Our licensed well professionals will locate your well, extend it up to the code, and make sure you have the right well cap and proper well seal. Your water is always our priority.  



Canadian Water Inspection Services is your company when it comes to well water services and upgrading. Please feel free to contact us should you wish to discuss any upcoming well water projects or have any questions in regards to our services. We will professionally serve you in all your well and water needs.